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Does OnLineBinding have a guarantee?

How can I obtain a price quote for my book project?

Why should I use OnLineBinding for my project?

What kind of file should I send to print my book?

What type of paper does OnLineBinding use for printing?

How do I get my book file to OnLineBinding for printing?

How long does it take to produce a book once you have received my book files?

If I have a deadline to meet, can I get my books quicker than your normal turnaround times?

Does OnLineBinding offer any publishing services besides book printing and binding?

Can OnLineBinding copyright my book?

Do my text pages require any special formatting?

What size can I make my book?

What is Perfect Binding

Does offer perfect binding?

Does print book covers in color?

How does ship my books?

Does do other types of binding?

Are there minimum and maximum number of page limits for each binding style?

Can I request a proof copy of my book before my order is produced?

What type of paper is used for the covers of soft cover books, GBC, Saddle stich and plastic coil books?

Is there any special requirement for a book that contains both black/white and colored pages?

Can a book file contain both portrait and landscape oriented pages?

What is gloss film UV Coating?

Does OnLineBinding offer shipping to Canada?

What is UV Coating

Can I write my book somewhere else and just use your printing services?

How do I go about getting an estimate from you?