You might not think that design has anything to do with a book. After all, you wrote the story and now you are looking to hit print and turn it into a book. However, the design is almost as important as the words inside, and in some instances, even more important!


Designs create the WOW factor that everyone wants.
The book cover, the graphic design, the font used for the title of the book – they all go together in order for people to “ooh” and “ahh” over what they see.

This is such an important part of the process, and many people don’t put enough emphasis on it. As an indie author, you want to compete with the traditionally published books, and therefore your cover has to look as good as those that are appearing out of the Big 5 publishers.

Sure, there are plenty of DIY systems out there that will help you make a cover. They will get the job done, but it can look less-than-perfect. This is probably not what you want. You want a book that’s going to shout to your readers “LOOK AT ME!”

If you want an idea of the kinds of book covers and designs you’re up against, take a walk through a bookstore. If you can’t say that your book cover looks as good as 75% of the ones that are in the store, you might not be happy with the sales you will get from your book.
If people don’t give a second look towards your book, how do you ever expect them to read it? You wouldn’t read a book that doesn’t catch your eye, so don’t expect others to do it.
  More importantly, once they open the cover and start to read, they need to enjoy the formatting. It needs to make sense for the type of book that’s being read, otherwise they may end up throwing the book across the room in frustration – and you don’t want anyone doing that to YOUR book!

At Online Binding, we want to help you with professional design services so you have the WOW factor. We will add in the copyright page, dedication page, Table of Contents, headers, page numbers, chapter intros, and all of the other details that make it a well-laid-out book.

We have an in-house designer who will help you with the interior layout of your book as well as the cover design. Our designers have an eye for detail and color to ensure that your design jumps off the page.

The design aspect can include an array of different components:

Why choose Online Binding for your design services?

One of the first things you need to know is that we do not use any kind of template. Every project is custom fit for you. This ensures that your layout is 100% personalized and works for the genre you have written in as well as what’s unique about your book.

You will also find that we have Adobe products for the design services, including the cover design for your book and your e-book. We have found that Adobe allows for some of the best options, including being able to use multiple images, layering, and all sorts of grand special effects. It will ensure that your book stands out from all of the other books out there.

If you have ever heard an author talking about their book and been excited, and then had that excitement fade when you looked at the cover of their book, you’ll know that a professional cover design is critical for marketing.

It’s sad, really, but people don’t want to read a book if the cover is unprofessional or unattractive. Anyone can open up a picture in the Cover Creator program built into Createspace and type in the name of their title and their author name with one of a handful of fonts. The problem with that is everyone will know that’s what was done. It doesn’t provide that WOW factor. And really, if there is no WOW factor, do you really want to publish your book?

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