E-books are one of the fastest growing markets in the entire book universe

and for indie authors, it’s an amazing way to break into the

industry without a huge investment.

“Creating an e-book is all sorts of exciting!” It gives your readers a chance to read what you have written from an e-reader, tablet, or other mobile device. More and more people are choosing to buy e-books and much of this has to do with the cost associated with e-books, which are generally considerably more affordable than print books. The added benefit is that your readers don’t need to take up valuable space on a bookshelf.
An e-book requires different formatting than a paperback. This is because it’s being viewed on a screen. Readers need to be able to touch links on the Table of Contents and be directed to a specific chapter. Should you want links that take people to a newsletter sign-up or where more of your books are, this can be done as well.
You have already done a lot of the hard work…writing the book! When you’re ready to create the e-book, we at Online Binding can help with this. Our formatters will take your document and add in all of the necessary formatting. This includes adding all necessary copyright information. We will even help you with the e-book cover, which is a little different from the “wrap” of a paperback.
When done, you will receive both a MOBI and ePUB file so you can
upload them to various resources to sell your books.
We have authors who have been very successful with e-book sales and much of this has to do with the platform they chose to sell on as well as their marketing efforts – and we’re prepared to help you with it all.

Some of the platforms you can choose to sell on include:

Kindle (and Kindle Unlimited)
Google Books

We’re your publisher, but we’re not going to dictate pricing.

You get to set that, so whether it’s $0.99, $2.99, or even $9.99, that’s up to you. All of the royalties are yours and yours alone (minus what any of the platforms take)!
There’s also ways to take your e-book and add it to your website, such as if you have a WordPress layout. This way, people can download your book directly from your website and you won’t have to share royalties with the various platforms. Want to send it to your newsletter subscribers for free? We can show you how to do that, too – just ask.
E-books are an important tool for you to have, just like a paperback (or even a hardbound book). They are used for every genre, ranging from fiction to nonfiction. People are even using e-books for cookbooks because people love setting up their e-reader in the kitchen and following along with a recipe!
Creating an e-book allows you to sell to more people. Plus, some people want to read the e-book and then collect the paperback, so it’s a way to get a double-sale. You have options when it comes to publishing and at Online Binding, we look forward to helping you develop an e-book that people will want to download and read.
Let’s get started now!