If you’re looking to sell your book, writing is only part of the process. Marketing plays a big role in doing so!

The market is your buyers. Marketing is the best way to reach your buyers! We offer a few different marketing pieces to help you along your journey. Whether it be business/promotional cards, flyers, or bookmarks they’ll play an instrumental role for reaching your target market and increasing your sales.



Flyers can be a great way to get your point across. Contrary to business/promotional cards, they’re bigger in size. Sizes range from 4x6 (Postcard size) to 11x17. You can put them on doors, walls, or anywhere else you think people will see it. The smaller flyers also serve a huge purpose. They’re small enough for people to comfortably hold in their hands and big enough to put a sufficient amount of information on. We have skilled and knowledgeable designers who can give your flyer a professional feel



Business/Promotional Cards

   Business/Promotional Cards are just as useful as flyers, in our opinion. While you can’t put big amounts of information, you can communicate clearly with your market. The size makes advertising a website, a particular sale, a book, or an event as easy as can be. Not everyone wants a big sheet of paper in their wallet or pocket. Everyone has a card in their wallet, why not it be YOURS? Use your own design or get our designers on the job for a simple eye catching design sure to grab the attention of your market.

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 Bookmarks are timeless. They will be used over and over giving the user a constant reminder of what you have on it. Whether it be a book release or description or just a note from you to your readers, bookmarks are great options. 

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