Publishing. It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for and you want to make sure that it’s done right.


  There’s a complete maze to walk through within the publishing industry and if you work your way into a dead end, you will never succeed. That’s why we’re here for you at
Online Binding. We’re going to walk you through the maze because it’s a journey we have taken time and time again. Each time, it’s new and exciting because it’s with a new author or a new book, but it’s never unchartered territory. We know the waters all too well.
If you look at what’s out there and talk to three or four different authors, each and every one of them will tell you about a different path that they took. There isn’t a right or a wrong one as long as you get the results that YOU desire. Plus, if you can control the costs a little, that’s always a bonus!
Remember, publishing in today’s day and age means offering multiple versions of your book. 20 years ago, authors got to release in hardbound and then eventually in paperback. It was part of the process. When you go indie, you get to skip right to paperback if you want – and also release e-books.

E-books are those that are read on Kindles,

Nooks, and other mobile devices.


They’re gaining in popularity all the time and more people want to see an e-book available in a title they want to read.

What does this mean for you?


It means that you need to think about giving your readers what they want. It’s not uncommon to publish in both e-book and paperback formats. It provides you with more earning possibilities, too. You can choose where your books will be located, and there are more options becoming available all the time!

When you choose to publish with Online Binding, we don’t want to simply sell you a publishing package. We want to help you succeed. This is why we provide you with our publishing guide that will walk you through how to build a business plan as an author. You will learn what needs to be done to set yourself up for success and how to effectively promote your book.

Our publishing process is going to equip you
with some of the most important aspects of publication.

-We will provide you with an ISBN and a barcode
-Your books will be available online at our website:
-You will be provided with a copyright page

These are critical to your success, and will be what gives you that crisp, professional edge you have been looking for. Anyone can take their pages and pages of words and bring them to an office supply store for duplication and binding. But that’s not what you want. You want a good looking book so you can sell it to your target audience so they can become your readers. It’s a piece of the puzzle that helps you to develop a readership.

You may be looking at various publishers…and we encourage you to do so. You will find that we have a full printing press in our Jacksonville, FL location, and this makes it easier for us to publish, print, and bind your books, keeping quality control in place through the whole process.

Check out the various predators, too, so you don’t fall prey to a printing company who wants your money and nothing more. 

The way you publish is entirely up to you. It cannot live on your computer forever. At some point, you have to be ready to launch your book into the world for readers to enjoy. Paperback, hardbound, e-book…it’s your choice. In fact, it’s not even a choice. You can have all three in the marketplace if that’s what you desire. This means you don’t have to choose what you offer. It will simply give your readers more options in terms of what medium they want from you.

Writing the book was hard. Publishing shouldn’t be.

Online Binding can be your partner to help you with the publishing process so you don’t forget to dot any I's or cross any T's. We will work behind the scenes to ensure that is all done before you go to the printing stage.

If you’re ready to learn more about publishing with Online Binding, send us an email.