Publishing. It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for and you want to make sure that it’s done right. There’s a complete maze to walk through within the publishing industry and if you work your way into a dead end, you will never succeed.

That’s why we’re here for you at Online Binding. We’re going to walk you through the maze because it’s a journey we have taken time and time again. Each time, it’s new and exciting because it’s with a new author or a new book, but it’s never uncharted territory. We know the waters all too well.


If you look at what’s out there and talk to three or four different authors, each and every one of them will tell you about a different path that they took. There isn’t a right or a wrong one as long as you get the results that YOU desire. Plus, if you can control the costs a little, that’s always a bonus!

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 Design Page

 You might not think that design has anything to do with a book. After all, you wrote the story and now you are looking to hit print and turn it into a book. However, the design is almost as important as the words inside, and in some instances, even more important.



Designs create the WOW factor that everyone wants. The book cover, the graphic design, the font used for the title of the book – they all go together in order for people to “ooh” and “ahh” over what they see.

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 Printing might be one of the most exciting parts of the process because it’s when your words become a reality. They are suddenly in front of you, making it possible to read them wherever you are.


At Online Binding, we use the digital printing process over offset and this is because of the improved quality of printing as well as the unique capabilities that are offered to us.


There are added benefits to digital printing as well:

  • Color matching is more accurate
  • There is a lower cost per copy for small runs
  • Quick turnarounds are possible


Whether you are printing a book or advertising material, we recommend digital printing – and the finished product is beautiful.


Once you are at the stage where you want to print your book, there are a lot of great options that will allow you to have more control of the finished product. Our specialists will work with you on choosing the ink, the paper type, and the paper size.

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The binding might be the most important part of the book publishing process because it’s what turns your printed pages into an actual book.


You don’t want to hand someone over a pile of pages in a binder clip or within a binder – it needs to look much better than that. At Online Binding, we can help you to get the professional look you desire, and at a great cost, too.  Part of the reason for this is because of our many options. The other reason is that we have a printing press on site for convenience and quality control.


The binding is the cohesive form that combines your pages with a cover. It makes it easier for people to hold your book in their hands…and then from there, they have the means to file the book on a book shelf, take it with them, make marks through it, and read it over and over again. It’s what also may allow you to take the book into a bookstore and sell it within the location.


You have all sorts of great opportunities to bind your book. But first, you have to ask yourself some serious questions, like:


  • How many pages do I have?
  • Is having a spine important to me?
  • How much do I want to spend per book?

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E-books are one of the fastest growing markets in the entire book universe, and for indie authors, it’s an amazing way to break into the industry without a huge investment.

Creating an e-book is all sorts of exciting! It gives your readers a chance to read what you have written from an e-reader, tablet, or other mobile device.




Creating an e-book is all sorts of exciting! It gives your readers a chance to read what you have written from an e-reader, tablet, or other mobile device. More and more people are choosing to buy e-books and much of this has to do with the cost associated with e-books, which are generally considerably more affordable than print books. The added benefit is that your readers don’t need to take up valuable space on a bookshelf.


An e-book requires different formatting than a paperback. This is because it’s being viewed on a screen. Readers need to be able to touch links on the Table of Contents and be directed to a specific chapter. Should you want links that take people to a newsletter sign-up or where more of your books are, this can be done as well.

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