I'll Try The Possum

I'll Try The Possum

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A middle-aged man recalls growing up as a geek but is now able to laugh about it. Through his tears. 

"When my dad saw my first grade class photo he asked me, “Are you worried, son? You always look so worried. What in the world does a little boy have to worry about?” Turns out, plenty!"


This author has a wonderful way of telling us the very funny story of his life. He shares the laughter and the tears throughout this delightful book. -Ronnie R. Purcell 


I sincerely enjoyed this book...so much so that I finished it in an afternoon/evening/morning weekend. Great read; would recommend it to all. -Luann Fillmore 


 A hilarious heart-warming story of a boy and his journey through life. I couldn’t put this book down. I was laughing, crying, and searching within. -Nicole LaMothe